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The Sunswine Group, LLC

We are a growing group of consultants changing the way animal scientists work and succeed.
If you are looking for leading experts to guide you through a project, your career, or innovation please reach out. If you are a consultant looking to work with a team to network your talents please get in touch.

What We Do

The Sunswine Group is an umbrella for a dynamic and new approach to servicing the animal nutrition and health industry. We offer The Sunswine Academy for advancing applied knowledge of our industry through professional development courses for the working professional. Also, we offer a mentoring program, Coffee and Careers in Animal Science designed for graduate students and new professionals in the industry. Next we offer a network of contract research facilities and expert animal scientists to manage any product you may have within our industry. Our organization is designed to connect and engage different segments of the industry to create win-win solutions for all parties. 

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We have created an alliance with Anpro Campus to create blended learning courses for the professional working within the animal nutrition and health industry, regardless of education or experience. 


A program designed to bring valuable career advice and professional development to upcoming professionals. Currently we offer a webinar series, small mentor groups, and coming soon scholarship writing challenges. 


What is pig farming like in different countries? How do pork producers deal with new challenges? What can we learn from each other? This podcast joins together 3 essential elements in Swine Production: Pigs, Producers and Problems

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Contract Research and Trial Monitoring

We have both a network of contract research facilities and consultants to offer a range of research and project management capabilities for the animal nutrition and health industry. 

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Nutritional Formulation and Advice (Producer-Oriented Consultant)

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Business Development and Corporate Consultancy

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The Sunswine Academy

We offer a range of short courses to help you excel in your current role or to prepare you for your next role in the animal agriculture industry. Each course will be scheduled annually for live teachings. The courses will run 6-8 weeks in duration, with a one hour class weekly.

If you are a graduate student wanting to take a class, please ask us about potential sponsorship for your tuition. Also, we offer discounts for multiple classes taken and a Master’s Mentor Program that would include all courses of a year for free. Please reach out for more information.

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