Coffee in the Barn

Coffee in the barn is a podcast made for students and people who want to define their course of action once they have finished their degree and wish to take a professional path in the field of animal science and farming industry. Taking segments of the webinars held in the Coffee and Careers in the Animal Science program, we have taken a deeper insight into the different topics that will serve as a guide to make the best decision for the student and professional field in the farm industry, with the participation of professionals with years of experience that will give an amazing and interesting perspective on important subjects, such as personality, career opportunities, networking, traveling around the world, hiring process, and more!

The Real P3

Have you ever wondered how other pork producers are successful or how they overcome their problems? Well this podcast is just for you. We interview producers and support personnel from around the world all about pork production. We want to create an opportunity for pig producers to remove the barriers and connect with like minded professionals around the world….for our mission to feed the world.

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