Short Courses

We offer a range of short courses to help you excel in your current role or to prepare you for your next role in the animal agriculture industry. Each course will be scheduled annually for live teachings. The courses will run 6-8 weeks in duration, with a one hour class weekly. If you are a graduate student wanting to take a class, please ask us about potential sponsorship for your tuition. Also, we offer discounts for multiple classes taken and a Master’s Mentor Program that would include all courses of a year for free. Please reach out for more information.

Learn to swim as a swine researcher.

Swine Research

September 1 – October 20, 2020; 8:30 CST on Tuesdays.

In Progress!

This course will cover the basics of research in 8 modules:

  1. Experimental Designs
  2. In Depth Design Considerations
  3. Specialty Trials and Models
  4. Feed Formulation for Research
  5. Practical Research – Wean-to-Finish
  6. Practical Research – Sow
  7. On Farm Execution
  8. Data Handling and Interpretation

Registration Closed

Coming soon again in 2021!

Learn the lingo and key economic drivers used by the swine industry.

Swine Lingo

October 21 – December 9, 2020; 8:30 CST on Wednesdays.

Cost: $275/person. Group rates are available.

The course will cover the basics of swine production and key economic drivers used by swine producers broken into 8 modules:

  1. The Sow Farm – Breeding and Reproduction
  2. The Sow Farm – Lactation & Litter Management
  3. Gilt Development & The Boar Stud
  4. The Nursery Period
  5. The Grower-Finisher Period
  6. The Feed Mill
  7. Health & Biosecurity Management
  8. Economics of Pork Production

Let’s build something together. Sponsor A Graduate Student Now!

Looking to help connect, mentor, and support our future animal scientists, please sponsor now. As part of the sponsorship The Sunswine Group will set-up a 1-on-1 meeting with your company and the graduate student to give both parties the opportunity to learn more about each other. Someday this graduate student could become a fellow colleague or customer. Its a great way to connect and engage, with minimal effort and cost.

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