The Double Helix of YOUR Success

Build your DNA to success with our unique approach to mentoring.

Our mentoring programs create a unique perspective as we intertwine two coaches and two different view points that allow you to develop your own DNA of success. Whether you are an up and comer or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your professional success and personal growth this program is for you. We have designed the courses to be effective but also respective of a professional’s time and budget. You can join us for our introductory sessions on the topic for just $25 for our Coffee & Chat Sessions. Or if its something that you want to invest and grow further in then you can sign-up for our 4-week hands-on lab. But if that is not enough we also offer further one-to-one mentor programs with our dual coaches. If group mentoring is not your thing or you want more one-to-one support we can tailor a program around your unique DNA of YOUR success.

Do you have a vision of who you want to become?

Mindset & Personal Branding


Lynnea Courtney & Dr. Casey L. Bradley
Coffee & Chat Sessions
Tuesday, December 8th at 8pm CST.
Saturday, December 12th at 9am CST.
Coffee & Chat Cost: $25

Mindset & Personal Branding Lab

We will be having a deep dive into the bases of our DNA to success by focusing on the four building blocks: C-T-G-A. The course will include teachings on mindset and personal branding, journaling exercises, and interactive discussions. Required reading of the course is “Just do you” by Lisa King and the supplementary worksheets for journaling.

The Lab runs from Saturday, January 9th – 30th. The lab meets weekly on Saturdays at 9am CST and includes a dedicated lab chat group for access to the coaches and other lab mates.

Learn how to professionally network and leverage your network for success.

Networking in Animal Science

Coming February 2021

Get rid of clutter and learn key skills to time management to make every second of your day count.

Organization for a better you

Coming March 2021

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